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Ethiopian visit to Kenya, March 2020

South-South Knowledge Exchange (SoSoKE) is a PSA initiative aimed at advancing health supply chain transformation through knowledge-sharing among low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). For two to three days, we bring together the health supply chain leaders and staff of at least two different countries in a workshop to learn of one another’s experience.


  1. Introduces the participants to public institutions in LMICs who are successfully transforming their health supply chain;
  2. Allows visiting participants to engage with their host counterparts, acquiring skills to apply to their own transformation processes on their return;
  3. Shows participants measures adopted to develop a robust, viable and independent supply chain management;
  4. Gives the host organisation the opportunity to review its own health supply chain, identifying successes and challenges, which might be common to or be in store for the visitors;
  5. Enables the review of transformation activities by peers leading to corrective action, best-practice and continuous improvement;
  6. Allows long-term business relationships for everyone’s benefit.
  7. Develops innovative pathways to transformation, tailored to the reality of LMICs, offering new perspectives on global supply chain management.

The Journey of National Medical Supplies Fund, Sudan

Online SoSoKE

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