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Matt has been working as an accountant for 35 years. Many of his positions were in the NGO sector, managing donor funding with organisations of a similar ethos and size to PSA.

After working in the wine trade and obtaining the WSET Advanced Certificate, he began life in finance as an articled audit clerk, moving onto a senior position with a PLC, before finding his niche as a freelancer for smaller organisations. This experience stimulated his interest in the Development Sector and, after obtaining a BSc in Human Geography and the Environment, Matt diversified into alternative areas of work, whilst still working in accountancy.

Since then, Matt has been a waste researcher, specialising in hospitality waste. He authored the groundbreaking publication ‘Waste Counts,’ and worked on a number of other environmental initiatives in the hospitality sector. Additionally, he has experience of cost management and of investigating company expenditure to introduce cost-saving techniques.

Matt holds an ATHE from Oxford Brookes University and has 17 years’ teaching experience at the Oxford School of Hospitality Management at the same university, covering Environmental Management, Gastronomy, Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise, and Finance.

Languages: English, French, Afrikaans