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Gilles’s career developed in various environments. Within Supply Chain Management, he has worked from the warehouse floor to the most senior strategic positions. Gilles took many general management positions for several global organisations, including Oxfam, Vivendi Universal, Action Against Hunger, and UPS.

His extensive experience of multicultural leadership and collaborative work on strategic and operational dynamics prepared him to become a consultant for many similar organisations. Through his missions as an independent consultant, Gilles realised the extent to which creativity is constrained by the lack of participative methods in some companies, and the difficulties of putting such methods into action in complex environments or during transition periods. He is an expert in facilitating the emergence of genuine collective action.

With humanitarian and private sector professionals, he founded Qualé, a cooperative of experts aimed at driving change within organisations to achieve impact through advisory, training, and research services.

Gilles developed numerous training programmes for businesses, especially within the supply chain sector, in partnership with professional organisations in various sectors.

He is a graduate of the ICN Business School.