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Chijioke Asuke has over 13 years’ experience working in Procurement, Cost and Supply Chain Management for leading companies. He holds an Msc in Operations and Supply Chain Management and has worked for international oil companies, such as Shell Nigeria, Total, and Chevron Corporation, in partnership with agencies of the Nigerian government.


As a Nigerian national, Chijioke understands firsthand the challenges of the government in adequately fulfilling its social contract to its citizens due to inefficiency in its processes. He is a change agent with knowledge of lean principles and methodologies, and he is enthusiastic about the supply chain transformation mantra of PSA.

Chijioke believes that business processes can be improved through efficient and effective supply chain processes and through the development of in-country human capacity. He knows that enhancing the delivery of essential goods, including medicine, to every part of the country, and improving the ease of doing business in Nigeria will improve the standard of living and well-being of its citizens.

Chijioke is a life-long learner and looks for continuous improvement. He is a team player who strongly believes that ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,’ as there is greater productivity and organisational success, when we work in synergy, as a team.

At PSA, Chijioke provides procurement and supply chain expertise to our Transformation operations in Nigeria.

Languages: English

Tel: +234(9)2925558