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The African women in supply chain leadership bootcamp

5th July 2018

Following the successful launch of the Women in Supply Chain Leadership (WiSCL) initiative in February this year, PSA organised the first WiSCL Bootcamp in Nairobi, Kenya. The Bootcamp is a one-day event that brings together women working in Health & Humanitarian Supply Chain and logistics to build their professional capital by providing a space for networking, mentoring, and sharing women’s success stories.

The event encouraged networking among participants, giving women the chance to link up, share their experiences, and establish relationships that will lead to the exchange of mutual support. Building on that, mentoring was presented as a learning long-term process that can empower women to bring out the best in each other. Participants were given a taste of how mentoring works and how it could strengthen their capacity and advance their careers.

‘We have to stop seeing each other as competition in the workplace,’ Alia Garabeh, panellist.

A key event session was the sharing of personal stories of success and making a difference. Speakers with long careers in the supply chain sector addressed the participants on their own stories of success, and of how they have made a difference in, the sector. This was followed by a Q&A, where participants engaged with and learn more from the speakers.

The final moment of this encounter of women in supply chain was a ceremony, where Alice Ndegwa, Member of County Assembly, Laikipia County, bestowed the ‘Outstanding Achievement as Woman in Supply Chain’ Award to Eva Mwai, Star Alliance, for her efforts in visiting roadside health facilities.

Attendees said, ‘Very informative sessions, the sharing of real personal stories was quite motivating.’