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PSA’s Jane Muyundo and Strathmore Business School collaborate on health supply chain education

5th October 2018

Strathmore Business School (SBS) invited Jane Muyundo (pictured with Professor Gilbert Kokwaro from SBS) to be a guest speaker on their Executive Education course, Pharmaceutical Commodity Supply Chain Management (PharmCom). Jane is PSA’s Regional Representative for Horn & East Africa. The course participants were from across the continent, and Jane was delighted to share her knowledge and expertise with participants from Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania, and South Sudan.

SBS’s stated mission of developing, nurturing and transforming the next generation of African leaders in both the private and public sectors, is closely aligned with PSA’s own founding principles. Therefore, establishing a collaborative relationship between our two organisations was a natural step.

PSA and SBS collaborate on PSA’s business focus areas of consultancy, research, and training in Health & Humanitarian Supply Chain (H&HSC) in sub-Saharan Africa and other low- and middle-income countries. In this capacity, SBS periodically invites PSA to be a guest speaker in its Health Care Management Program.

We look forward to continuing to work with our friends and colleagues at SBS to deepen our clients’ knowledge of H&HSC.

Jane Muyundo is a Bachelor of Commerce degree holder with a diploma in Supply Chain Management with over thirty years of extensive experience in the public sector, private sector, and the humanitarian sector supply chain, globally supporting operations in Africa, Middle East, the Caribbean, Asia and Europe. She has worked on many donor-funded projects globally with organisations such as World Vision and Oxfam.

Her career-long goal has been to support developing and crisis-ridden countries through organisational supply chain management reviews, establishing systems, processes, procedures, and capacity building on the implementation of supply chain. She has a passion especially for capacity building, having empowered staff through skills development on the job for over 28 years.

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