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South-South Knowledge Exchange: empowering Nigerian health leaders with the levers of change

31st August 2018

PSA was established back in 2013 with one core mission, to promote and champion the notion that an efficient Health Supply Chain, staffed by skilled and knowledgeable staff and led by motivated and inspirational leaders will result in better health outcomes for all, and are a catalyst to spur the development of emerging economies.

Supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), Kaduna and Niger States in Nigeria are on a journey to transform their Public Health Supply Chain. As part of the Transformation, PSA initiated a programme in March 2018 for countries in sub-Saharan Africa to learn from each other, the South-South Knowledge Exchange (SoSoKE).  A group of senior officials from Kaduna, Niger and Gombe States visited the facilities of the Kenyan Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) to develop their vision of the path towards transformation.  The learning from the exchange also provided the Kaduna leaders with better standing to get approval on new funding requests for health commodities.

Under the umbrella of the South-South Knowledge Exchange (SoSoKE), another trip is taking place next week, followed by a Leadership and Governance training course, this time to Sudan. This session will gather the leaders of the Kaduna, Niger and Gombe, and was organised, in collaboration with Sudan’s National Medical Supplies Fund’s (NMSF), who have developed a self-sustainable Gold standard Health Supply Chain system in their country.

From 2nd-6th September, the leaders will tour the state-of-the-art facilities of  NMSF, and undertake a comprehensive training course on supply chain leadership and governance at the NMSF Abdul Hameed Ibrahim Training Centre in Khartoum. The leadership training course and the opportunity to see first-hand how Sudan has transformed its health supply chain without external aid will equip the participants with the skills they need to transform their procedures and systems.

NMSF Abdul Hameed Ibrahim Training Centre, Khartoum

We would like to thank NMSF for their support in organising this event.

“National Medical Supplies Fund is excited to host the leaders from Niger, Kaduna and Gombe states in collaboration with PSA. We are committed to encourage knowledge exchange between our fellow African leaders of medical supplies and believe that countries in Sub-Saharan Africa can work together to bring transformation in health supply chain. This event materialises the South-South Knowledge Exchange (SoSoKE) the global initiative that has been heavily promoted by PSA. It also reflects the fruitful cooperation between NMSF and PSA.”

Gamal Khalafalla Mohamed Ali, PhD, MSc, PG Dip
Director General National Medical Supplies fund Khartoum Sudan

“PSA is delighted to collaborate with NMSF for the 2nd SoSoKE event in Khartoum. It will provide an excellent opportunity for the leaders of the  states to learn at first-hand how a ‘Gold standard’ Supply Chain can be managed.”

Pamela Steele

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