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PSA and EPSA Lead the Way with Launch of New Ethiopian Health Supply Chain Training Centre

15th October 2020

PSA and EPSA Lead the Way with Launch of New Ethiopian Health Supply Chain Training Centre

Human capacity development is an essential component to improving Health Supply Chains; yet, many countries have no institutionalised methods to train their workforces. In Ethiopia, for example, most Supply Chain professionals have historically had to leave the country to attend training events. With this in mind, Pamela Steele Associates (PSA) has continued its collaboration with the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Supply Agency (EPSA) to open a Training Resource Centre (TRC) which offers Supply Chain professionals the opportunity to develop from within Ethiopia.

PSA has led the Admas Programme at EPSA since 2018, aiming to strengthen and transform the Health Supply Chain in Ethiopia. The TRC is an essential step in the process of empowering the EPSA workforce to deliver quality-assured, safe, effective and affordable health commodities throughout Ethiopia. Guided by a staff capacity development framework, programmes for individual staff and EPSA as a whole are continually developed, implemented, and assessed for effectiveness. In addition, the TRC operates in close proximity to EPSA, centralising research and consultancy services for Health Supply Chains in Ethiopia.

The TRC is valuable for EPSA and for Ethiopia more generally. Anticipated benefits resulting from the TRC include:

  • Increasing the number of Supply Chain experts in-country
  • Offering continual professional development for Supply Chain professionals
  • Creating a central sight for Pharmaceutical Supply Chain research, training and consultancy services

The goal of the TRC is to become a self-sustaining, well-equipped Centre of Excellence in Health Supply Chain training, research and consultancy. The TRC offers three services:

  • Training programmes, which focus on pharmaceutical Supply Chains, humanitarian logistics, and executive training for Health Supply Chain employees. In addition, the TRC includes Training of Trainers (ToT) programmes to develop experts’ skills throughout Ethiopia.
  • Research programmes, which develop needs-based training for EPSA and other employees. Research activities also support EPSA’s knowledge generation, adaptation and model development in various areas of Health Supply Chain Management.
  • Consultancy services, which ensure best practices in Health Supply Chain Management to improve Supply Chain productivity and operational efficiency.
  • Funding mechanisms to sustain the TRC’s operations.

The TRC’s services are advantageously offered both in-person and online. In addition to carrying out these crucial functions, the TRC features a resource centre, which provides basic infrastructure for trainees, trainers and staff, including facilities and technology.

Of the TRC inauguration, Admasu Teketel, Technical Advisor for the TRC and Professional Development, said, ‘The TRC will help Supply Chain staff become the best at what they do by fostering development and continuous improvement based on evidence-based analysis. This will help build a Supply Chain that operates with compassion throughout Ethiopia’.

The TRC is supported by the TRC Advisory Board, which is made up of seven public and private stakeholders and chaired by the Director General of EPSA. Built on this public-private partnership, the costs and benefits of the TRC are shared among public and private stakeholders. A dedicated workforce will manage the TRC and initiate research and consultancy activities. In its next phases, the TRC will expand its e-library and scale up from the temporary TRC to a new building.

Pamela Steele Associates (PSA) specialises in Supply Chain Transformation for Public Health and Humanitarian sectors through consultancy, research and training.

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