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CEO steps down to become Supply Chain Transformation Director

5th February 2020

On 31st December 2019, Pamela Steele stepped down as CEO of the company she founded and led for eight years but will be continuing as Supply Chain Transformation (SCT) Director. She’s proud to see how much PSA – which started without help from venture capital – has grown. ‘It wasn’t easy. Things were tough for so many years,’ she says. ‘I did not take a salary for four years until cheques were received from happy clients and all the employees were paid’ – anything left over was reinvested in the company, in order for it to grow.

‘I’ve had some reliable clients who believe in us, such as UNFPA [the United Nations Population Fund] and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; clients who have remained true to their commitment to empower women – and therefore doing business with women-owned businesses. I’ve also had some fantastic friends and team members who believe in us and have helped us grow. Their belief in my company has made all the difference—without their help, Pamela Steele Associates would not be the company it is today.’

Pamela now works for PSA in a new role, as SCT Director. ‘I am first and foremost an SC expert’, she says, ‘I am most passionate about in-country SCT: that is what I live and breathe and it’s my contribution to improving the health of the poor and vulnerable, who are so close to my heart. In recent months, I have combined my CEO duties with the role of leading on SCT, which has put much pressure on me, to my own detriment. So, with the blessing of the Board, I have decided to transit full-time to the new role of SCT Director from 1 January 2020.’ We wish Pamela well in this new role.