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Start Date: 3 March 2019
End Date: 30 September 2021
Services Provided:

Supply chain transformation technical assistance.

Ethiopia is undergoing significant positive changes from the economic and humanitarian perspective. The Ethiopian Government has assumed an ambitious economic programme in the hope of becoming a lower middle-income country by 2025. The improvement of the healthcare system is a crucial step within this reform, and it involves, among other things, the consolidation of its health supply chains.

Recently, it has been recognised that most investments in the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Supply Agency (EPSA), a key organisation in the Ethiopian health supply chain, have focused on systems, infrastructures, specific technical inputs and now, for the first time, there has been a decision to invest in the most important element of any organisation, an element that has been undervalued so far: its people.

The Human Resource for Supply Chain Transformation Programme known as Admas (which means horizon in Amharic) was launched in March 2019. The Programme is owned and led by EPSA, supported by PSA and its partners.

Admas is designed to facilitate the empowerment of people to deliver health products. The activities of the programme are centred around how individuals working for the Agency’s skills and competencies can be fully realised within an enabling environment. This includes a strong organisational culture component that will be led by the EPSA board. The Admas programme looks at how information and data can support operations effectively, how management and leadership can be supported, challenged and grown. The Admas programme will find innovative, tailored ways to build EPSA’s own dedicated skillsets, to drive change towards an enabling environment. It is our hope that this support will contribute to the transformation of the country’s health supply chain and by the end of the period in September 2021, the public health supply chain in Ethiopia will have achieved a maturity level of Silver (based on Gates Maturity Model) at all facilities with 85-95% product availability, basic visibility, regular funding execution, and a supply chain operation managed by people with the required technical and soft skills and guided by appropriate directives.

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