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We have had success across a wide range of areas in humanitarian and public health supply chain

You can read about some of our recent successful projects and initiatives below.

Induction Materials Give EPSA New Starters a Warm Welcome
Programme Admas
Location: Ethiopia
Function: Human Resources (HR)
A cultural diagnostic found that over 70% of surveyed staff did not believe that staff represented EPSA’s core values. Moreover, staff said that the lack of onboarding was a significant problem in their workplace. In Autumn 2020, PSA, supported EPSA’s HR Directorate to create and adopt an induction policy, plan, schedule and pack. Read more >

Outsourcing Distribution to Improve Essential Medicine Availability in Nigeria
Programme: Supply Chain Transformation in Niger State
Location: Nigeria
Function: Logistics
In 2015, health facility client satisfaction in the State was poor as only 33% of the 13 -essential life-saving commodities were available and the value of health commodities shipped was also less than half (42%), which was reflective of medicines being kept in unsuitable conditions. The time from request to receipt of commodities was also lengthy, at an average of 14 days due to health workers needing to travel to the Central Medical Store to collect.
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