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Mentoring Programme

I have yet to find anyone who is self-sufficient enough not to benefit from a mentor at some point in his or her life (David Clutterbuck)

What Is The Programme About?

At PSA we are committed to supporting the career development of our clients. Through our innovative mentoring programme you will work on a one-to-one basis with an expert in the area where you want to make progress.

When you work with a PSA mentor you will set the agenda for your own learning. Your PSA mentor will offer you support throughout your learning journey and challenge you to stretch yourself.

We train all our PSA mentors to the highest standard through our Mentor Training Programme. We invest in their continuing development and provide supervision to make sure that you get the most effective and dynamic support possible.

Who Is It For?

There are points in our careers and lives when all of us can benefit from working with a mentor.

At PSA we specialise in providing mentors who can support you in any of the following areas:

  • All aspects of supply chain logistics within the health and humanitarian sectors
  • Career development
  • Leading people, teams and organisations
  • Managing people
  • Managing projects

We’ll help to match you with the best possible mentor for your particular area of interest.

Programme Objectives

We work with individuals to reflect on their professional practice and personal development so that they can develop in their current job role, career and effectively integrate their professional and personal goals.

Learning Outcomes

Through our mentoring programme you can expect to:

  • Identify how you’ll make progress your professional practice and personal development
  • Feel confident to move towards your professional and personal development goals
  • Take significant steps towards fulfilling your professional and personal development goals

Price and Programme Structure

To get the most from this learning opportunity we recommend that you initially commit to a series of 6 mentoring sessions. Payment for the 6 sessions is made in full after the first session.

Please contact us to discuss your mentoring and price offers.

PSA mentoring sessions usually take place via Skype.

Joining the PSA Mentoring Programme

To start your learning journey with one of our PSA Mentors, contact us at info@pamsteele.co.uk