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In-House Training

Why in-house training?

In addition to the open training courses offered in our course catalogue we run courses on-site at clients’ premises. This provides greater flexibility and can reduce the cost of training for larger groups of participants.

For example, our in-house training can:

  • be modified to meet your specific needs – we can perform staff competence assessment to identify skills gaps;
  • be scheduled for a date and/or at a location that is convenient for your staff;
  • eliminate the cost of expensive travel and accommodation for participants; and
  • be cheaper per-person than a public course when larger groups are being trained.

Helping you decide

We offer a free no-obligation consultation to help you choose the right option within your available budget. You may decide that one of PSA’s existing courses is what you need – or it may be that you want us to adapt an existing course, or even write a brand new course to meet the training needs of your organisation. We will cost all of the options so you can make an informed decision.

To learn more, contact us at info@pamsteele.co.uk

Our Clients

PSA has conducted in-house training for many different firms and organisations, including:

action-contre-la-faimAction Contra la Faim (ACF): PSA led a two-day training course on developing and implementing supply chain strategy for Action Contra la Faim (ACF) USA, in Normandy, France.

NMSFNational Medical Supplies Fund (NMSF), Sudan: PSA led a week-long leadership and management training course for 11 directors from Sudan’s Ministry of Health (MoH), in Dubai, UAE. PSA focused on key topics (leading strategy, leading change, and leading and developing others) for their supply chain directors who operate in difficult situations where resources are scarce.

UNMISSUN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS): PSA led a week-long supply chain management course in Juba, South Sudan, for the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS). This was conducted in partnership with The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) .

worldvision.brandmasterWorld Vision International (WVI): PSA led a two-day training course on logistics and supply chain management focusing on cross-border operations, for World Vision International’s (WVI’s) Syria Crisis Response Team, in Gaziantep, Turkey.