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Health and Humanitarian Supply Chains Summit 2016

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The Health & Humanitarian Supply Chain Summit took place at the Boma in Nairobi, Kenya on July 8th, 2016.

This unprecedented event was hosted by Pamela Steele Associates (PSA) Ltd and sponsored by UPS, PSA and FIT.

The objective of the Summit was to explore the current challenges in health and humanitarian supply chain in the East Africa and to share updates and insights from the different stakeholders involved with supply chain in the region and particularly Kenya. This was also an opportunity to promote professionalization of supply chain practitioners and provide attendees with a networking venue.

Nearly 80 people attended the Summit representing sectors such as public health, private sector, NGO’s and academics. The participants and speakers were welcomed by PSA Founder and CEO, Pamela Awuor Steele. Ms Steele emphasized the importance of breaking down silos and sharing knowledge and experiences with each other in order to have stronger and more resilient health supply chains. To support and strengthen this development in supply chains in Kenya and beyond, PSA has recently opened an office in Nairobi.

The Summit included numerous speakers from the health and humanitarian supply chain sector including KEMSA, Kenya Red Cross and John Snow Inc. The private sector and academia was also well-represented with Kenyatta University, UPS, DHL, Kuehne Foundation and Changamka Microhealth. To discuss professionalization in supply chain and among health logisticians, Dr Andrew Brown presented on behalf of the International Association for Public Health Logisticians, IAPHL. Dr Brown was also the facilitator for the various sessions throughout the event.

In order to see the recorded presentations for each session, please visit the links in the Agenda below. If you have a low bandwith connection, you can also choose to listen to the audio files instead.


8.30 to 9.00 Registration and Coffee

9.00 to 9.25 Welcome by Ms Pamela Awuor Steele, Founder & CEO, PSA Ltd Audio

Opening Address: “Global, Regional and Local Trends in Supply Chain”, Ms Susan Ng’ong’a, General Manager, Kenya Red Cross Audio

9.30 to 10.00 “Public Health Supply Chain in East Africa”

Dr John Munyu, MBS, CEO, KEMSA Audio

County Perspective on Public Health SCM

Ms Yasmin Chandani, Project Director, InSupply Audio

10.00 to 10.20 Panel Discussion – Health Supply Chains in East Africa Audio

10.20 to 10.45 UPS Tea Break

10.45 to 11.30 “Humanitarian Supply Chain Issues in the Region”

Ms Phoebe Kung’u, Regional Director, International Rescue Committee (IRC) Audio

Ms Lucy Mungatia, Associate Director Supply Chain Management, World Vision Kenya Audio

11.30 to 12.15 How can we address the issues? In groups

12.15 to 12.30 Re-cap of the morning sessions and what to follow in the afternoon

12.30 to 13.30 Lunch

13.30 to 14.15 Private Sector Engagement in Public Supply Chain

Mr Zack Oloo, CEO, Changamka Microhealth Ltd Audio

Ms Wambui Kinuthia, Regional Customer Manager, DHL Audio

Mr Rogers Sultani, Country Manager, UPS Audio

Discussion – Private Sector Engagement in Public Health Supply Chains Audio

14.15 to 14.45 “Research and Skills Development to Meet Challenges”

Dr Felicita W. Njuguna, Kenyatta University Audio

Dr Anthony Kamau, Kenyatta University Audio

Mr Cormac O Sullivan, Regional Director, Kuehne Foundation

Ms Pamela Steele, Founder & CEO, PSA

Discussion: “Research and Skills Development to Meet Challenges” Audio

14.45 to 15.00 “Bridging the Gap” – PSA Presentation on PSA SkillsBank Project Audio

15.00 to 15.30 UPS Tea Break

15.30 to 15.45 Providing the Tools for Professionalization

Dr Andrew Brown, Executive Director, IAPHL Audio

15.45 to 16.15 “Turning Words Into Action” Audio

16.15 to 17.00 Closing Remarks by Ms Pamela Awuor Steele, Founder & CEO, PSA

“Words into Action”

The Health and Humanitarian Supply Chain Summit 2016 gave health supply chains in Kenya and East Africa a tremendous boost. As PSA Founder and CEO, Pamela Steele highlighted, the Summit was not meant to be a single event, but a starting point for the work that must be done to mitigate issues in supply chain once and for all. At the end of the one-day Summit:

• Participants were challenged to consider the needs in health supply chain in Kenya and see where they could contribute

• Continued networking was encouraged with PSA undertaking to provide opportunities for more networking events in the future

• PSA has volunteered to champion an IAPHL country Chapter in Kenya with participants to expect an e-mail regarding this in the coming weeks. This will provide a platform to share and exchange ideas and to contact each other

• The sessions from the summit have been videoed and PSA is preparing a resource page allowing individuals to view the presentations and to share the links with those unable to make the initial summit

For a the complete Summit Report,click here: HEALTH AND HUMANITARIAN SUPPLY CHAIN SUMMIT_Final Report

Thank you to our sponsors UPS, PSA and FIT for making the Summit a success!

For more information or questions regarding the Health and Humanitarian Supply Chain Summit 2016, please contact info@pamsteele.co.uk or visit www.pamsteele.co.uk .

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