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PSA Director, Pamela Steele, introduces her research into medicine supply chains in low- and middle-income countries

Advancing knowledge, informing policy, enhancing practice

psa_quadrant_3Reliable and well performing health supply chains are essential for ensuring access to health supplies at the service delivery point. However, many low-and middle-income countries face complex challenges in keeping remote health clinics stocked with essential medicines. One barrier that is of particular significance is the ineffective management of the supply chain system.

Research into public health supply chains in low- and middle-income countries is limited. Therefore, we have made it our concern to explore supply chains in the health context. At PSA we believe that future health improvements in low-and middle-income countries will come not only from new clinical research but, increasingly, from innovative and sustainable distribution models.

To ensure the findings and recommendations of our research are context appropriate and culturally relevant our research team includes researchers from diverse backgrounds. The combination of field experience and academic research with empirical, analytical, and qualitative approaches means that the findings of our research reach a wider audience and are able to inform policy.


Our research findings provide decision makers with the understanding they need to make the right choices in addressing supply chain bottlenecks and possible solutions for improving health supply chains.

How we can help you

  • We can conduct research and gather information to your brief
  • We can provide targeted health supply chain content for your communications – internet, newsletters, and presentations
  • We can identify appropriate sources of information, to help you to conduct your own research
  • We can facilitate post-programme reviews, to compile lessons learned that can improve your knowledge management

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Our Clients

PSA has conducted research for many different firms and organisations, some of these include:

GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance: We supported GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, people and practice priority working group by carrying out research to gather evidence to support strategy formation, 
decision-making, and work plan development.

UNICEF: We conducted a landscape analysis for UNICEF to assess Supply Chain Leadership/Management and HR organisation of the immunisation supply chain in a select number of GAVI eligible countries.