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Thank you for your interest in working with Pamela Steele Associates Ltd.

Job title: Supply Chain Capacity Development (SCCD) Director

Reporting to: PSA Director

Location: Global, travelling regularly

Contract type: Full-time

For the full job description go to: SCCD Director JD Final (002)

The SCCD Director is primarily in charge of proactive project management, ensuring clarity over the direction and contribution to overall purpose (of our clients’ mission and project as well as PSA’s interests). The incumbent will act as the “pivot” of each project, connecting between the client top executive, the PSA team, and other stakeholders involved in the projects.

The SCCD Director will work with the Heads of Business units to identify and bid for new business opportunities. The SCCD Director will support the investigation of any new concepts or projects and planning of necessary resources.

While working with our clients the SCCD Director maintains a proactive, analytical view of the context in order to always propose solutions and support our clients in their new endeavours.

The incumbent will lead the Heads of Business Units who are responsible for project implementation and daily activities, task management and contract compliance based on agreed deliverables and timelines.

The SCCD Director is responsible for managing and monitoring services delivery throughout the project, including third party services. Her/his focus will be on the management of the short, middle and long-term commercial, technical and contractual relationship between the client and PSA.

The SCCD Director will get involved in a mediating capacity if problems arise in the contractual aspects of the services. The role includes engagement with key donors for the securing and maintaining of care contracts and business growth, always within the scope of supporting our partners and adding value to their activities.

The SCCD Director is responsible for the execution of the contract and although she/he will be ideally involved in the pre-sales stage, the post holder does not necessarily drive the process. Once a project has started s/he will identify further business opportunities for services to the client.

The SCCD Director will be a key person for the dissemination and appropriation of ways of working nurturing, the ‘Collective Intelligence’ of the PSA team.

Qualifications, Competencies and Experience

  • MSc in a relevant field
  • Experience (spanning at least 10 years) of applying own technical skills to International projects, evaluations and impact assessments in areas relevant to PSA’s work: e.g. international development, humanitarian supply chains, health supply chains, etc.
  • Excellent command of English, both written and oral, including a demonstrable ability to write clearly and concisely for different audiences
  • Experience in managing international, diverse, teams
  • Experience working as a consultant
  • Project management experience (at least 5 years) in an international context
  • Experience in survey design and implementation, including sampling
  • Knowledge of baselines and longitudinal studies
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office and database management
  • In-depth knowledge and experience of MS Excel
  • Excellent organisational skills and ability to multitask and work to deadlines
  • Ability to travel as part of specific assignments as well as routine management
  • Commitment to PSA’s values, vision and mission
  • Demonstrable experience of proposal writing, costing and budgeting
  • Experience across a number of countries and a high level of cross-cultural sensitivity
  • Experience with international humanitarian and development organisations
  • Excellent partner, client and team management skills
  • Ability to advise clients and PSA colleagues and associates on appropriate management and technical (SCCD) practices
  • Fluency in another international working language, preferably Arabic, Russian, French, Spanish or Portuguese
  • Proven track record of applying analytical skills in the international development space for strategic planning and partnership development
  • Proven experience of designing, delivering and reporting on commissioned assignments, including with/for health and humanitarian organisations
  • Experience designing and delivering training using participatory learning methodologies
  • Proven strengths in facilitating collaboration and collaborative ways of working
  • A publication record in relevant areas
  • Strong listening capacity, analytical skills and desire to empower people
  • Rigour and task oriented mind, drive to achieve results

Application Process

If interested please submit your CV to: info@pamsteele.co.uk

Applications close on November 18, 2017

Only successful applicants will be contacted.