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Internship Programme

Looking for opportunities to gain skills and experience to build your career?

PSA offers internships for post-graduate students through the Oxford University Internship Programme (OUIP), providing students with valuable work experience. Click here for further information about the internship programme.

We also offer micro-internships for undergraduates. We were delighted with Daniel’s performance. Read about his experience below.

What is the programme about?

Imagine working for a young company with a small but enthusiastic international team who share a single passion: to improve outcomes for aid beneficiaries by improving supply chain performance. At PSA, we have a unique ability to turn ideas into reality. We do not simply make recommendations – we drive outcomes for our clients.

At PSA you can put your innovative thinking and business skills into practice, alongside other highly intelligent and motivated people. You can apply your skills to some of the world’s most challenging and meaningful projects. This is what makes PSA a great place to work and grow.

If you join our strategic advisory, the work you do will be varied – you could find yourself: working with leading aid organisations; getting involved in projects that are fundamental to the way aid organisations operate their supply chains; researching supply chain issues; coordinating training; or looking at how major organisations should address supply chain workforce issues.

You will be working with experts and professionals from different areas of the business, with specialist skills from the non-profit, private, and academic sectors. This is an exceptional opportunity to challenge yourself to develop every day. You will quickly gain a clear picture of what we do and why, and soon you could be helping to make things happen for clients.

Your training will help you to develop your all-round skills but it will be the experience you gain with PSA that will be most transformative. An internship at PSA is the perfect stepping stone between university and your first job, and a smart way to enhance your CV.

Interns are based at our main office in Summertown, Oxford, UK. For some, it will include deployment overseas to work with local students on clients’ projects.

Past interns have had a fantastic experience, and we have greatly appreciated their work. If you want to join our internship programme then contact us at info@pamsteele.co.uk.

What our interns say…

Daniel Minseok Kim, Micro-internship (December 2015)

While interning over the December vacation in 2015 at Pamela Steele Associates (PSA), I have learnt a great deal about the company, the industry and unexpectedly, myself. Even though my internship period was only a week–or perhaps because my internship was so short–I worked on real projects from day one. I worked on competition analysis for PSA’s main products (training courses) as well as researching on potential strategies that PSA could adopt as it was looking into transitioning to the e-Learning space. Whilst I gained experience and learned about the relevant knowledge from working on these projects, I learnt much more through the interaction with the staff members in the company, who were all so welcoming and made me feel at home. They were truly passionate about their work, which drove me to work even harder to meet their expectations. Humanitarian aid and charity organisations were not something that I have paid close attention to before, because I had little exposure to such entities. However, now that I have had some exposure and possess some knowledge about them, I have become much more interested in finding out their inner workings as well as the work that PSA specialises in–managing supply chains in humanitarian aid. This also ties in well with my current undergraduate studies (Geography), and I will certainly be taking a closer look at modules such as development economics. All in all, my experience in PSA was truly an enriching experience. I am glad to have spent my week here, and hopefully, will return in the near future.

Rishan de Silva (Sri Lanka & Kenya), Business Development Intern (July-October 2015)

“From July to October 2015, I took the opportunity to become a Business Development Internee with Pamela Steele Associates Ltd. (PSA) while completing a Master’s programme in Social Anthropology at the University of Oxford. The internship tied in well with my research interests as I researched the Social theory of Economic Development in East Africa, challenging the teleology of Development, which is something that PSA brings across in the work they do.

PSA is an international strategic advisory firm, founded by Pamela Steele, which is dedicated to helping strengthen health and humanitarian supply chains so that no patient suffers at their local service delivery point due to a lack of essential medicines. PSA therefore works to equip health and humanitarian supply chains through training, research, and consultancy.

When I applied for the job, I thought that working at PSA would be like working for a consulting company, with a lot of bureaucracy and little exposure. However, I was pleasantly surprised, when Pamela Steele personally interviewed me, to find out that this company adopted a different approach where I would have a lot of valuable input, and learn a lot more about the sector.

As I was initially hired as a Marketing intern for PSA, I worked on many marketing-related projects throughout my time, which included: introducing and maintaining a monthly Newsletter as a form of advertising; creating a course booklet advertising all of PSA’s training courses; overseeing and maintaining the development of the website; branding, formatting, and managing social media accounts for Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and Google+; standardizing the logo and creating templates for PSA business cards, documents, and publications; branding existing documents and presentations, and designing a company introduction. However, these would just be some of the tasks that I completed as I took on a more strategic position in business development, helping the company think about restructuring their products, and looking towards new avenues for business.

My time at PSA has been memorable for many reasons, however, what will stay with me forever is the work environment which Pam and her team foster; Pam’s entrepreneurialism and work ethic is an inspiration, and she goes the extra mile to foster a pluralistic and inclusive environment. She was always ready to drop what she was doing to share some valuable insights gained from her vast experiences in work, the health and humanitarian development sectors, and life in general.

I have learned a lot during my time at PSA, and hope to continue a strong relationship with Pam and the company.”

James Berry, Graduate Trainee Translator (July-October 2014)

“In July to October 2014 I participated in Pamela Steele Associates’ (PSA’s) Graduate Internship Programme, as an English-French translator – specifically translating PSA’s newly-written Supply Chain Capacity Development (SCCD) training presentations. My work benefited the significant proportion of French first-language speakers among PSA’s trainees.

Within hours of responding to PSA’s advertisement on the Oxford careers network, I was in contact with Pamela herself. Over the weeks that followed, she monitored my progress and provided valuable feedback while instructing me On PSA’s vision.

As a recent graduate – moreover, one who is not yet firmly set on a particular career path, and continues to keep an open mind about the opportunities that present themselves – I found my time with PSA to be highly stimulating and rewarding. I was able not only to make full use of the skills that I had developed as an undergraduate (by adapting my translation knowledge to a practical context), but also to gain considerable insight into the field of logistics (in which I have no formal training). I believe that my overwhelmingly positive internship experience serves as the perfect springboard for a career in technical translation.

If you would like to be a part of a highly motivated consultancy with real passion for its mission, to benefit from friendly guidance from the top from day one, and to hone your existing skills while learning several new ones, I would strongly recommend applying for the PSA Graduate Internship Programme.”

Olga Krylova (Russia), Management Consulting Trainee (May-August 2014)

“Between May and August of 2014, I took the opportunity to become a Management Consulting Internee with Pamela Steele Associates Ltd (PSA) while completing a Master’s programme in Environmental Change and Management at the School of Geography and Environment of the University of Oxford.

PSA is an Oxford-based consultancy, which provides consultancy, training and research services to actors in the humanitarian aid supply sector, aiming to make their health  and humanitarian supply chain operations more efficient, sustainable, and fair. Having had some previous exposure to the international development sector, I thought that doing research for PSA would be an exciting opportunity to learn more about this sector.

By the time I started the internship, my dissertation topic (climate change policy) had already been confirmed. For those still thinking about their dissertation topic, an internship at PSA could be a good opportunity to write about a practical topic related to supply chain sustainability or other issues of interest within the remit of PSA’s consulting activities.

Pamela Steele, who leads PSA, encourages learning. She has expanded my understanding of how humanitarian logistics works and what improvements could be made to make the global supply chain more sustainable. During the internship, I contributed to the design of research methodologies and monitored the existing academic and policy literature on health supply chains.

The internship gave me further hands-on experience of research, operations, and management consulting. It was a good opportunity to learn about international development and the relevant organisations from Pamela, who is a recognised expert with a track record in this sector”