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Our mission, vision, and values

Our mission

To promote and facilitate supply chain capacity development to strengthen health supply chains in developing countries so that no patient suffers due to a lack of essential medicines and to reduce dependency on external technical support.

Our vision

  • To make a demonstrable impact in improving the supply of essential medicines in developing countries
  • To be the acknowledged experts in health supply chain capacity development
  • To provide a fair income for all our employees and to promote a healthy work life balance

Our values

In our work, we strive to be:

  • Humanitarian: we work for the alleviation of suffering;
  • Ethical: we work with integrity;
  • Professional: we use our expertise to meet our clients needs;
  • Pragmatic: we apply general principles and frameworks but recognise the need to listen and adapt to the differing needs of different clients;
  • Innovative: we seek to learn and apply new ideas, and embrace new technologies;
  • Collaborative: we collaborate with partners for our mutual benefit. This means working closely with our clients and service providers to create a sustainable team. Not only is this an effective way to do business, but it also ensures that stakeholders take ownership and have visibility of the process on an ongoing basis, to avoid last-minute surprises; and we strive to make
  • Sustainable improvements: we provide long-term competence strengthening so that stakeholders are able to manage supply chains by themselves and reduce dependency on external technical assistance