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Environmental Policy

Pamela Steele Associates Ltd. (PSA) is committed to minimising the environmental impact of our operations and complying with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations. We foster environmental awareness and responsibility amongst our employees and associates. In particular, PSA aims to:

  • comply with all relevant legislation and regulations;
  • promote our environmental policy amongst employees and associates;
  • implement a programme of continual improvement to reduce the environmental impact of our activities;
  • avoid unnecessary travel which can be substituted by collaborative technologies;
  • promote the use of public transport or cycling where practicable;
  • fly when only necessary and carbon offset flights;
  • reduce waste sent to landfill;
  • recycle and recondition goods such as PCs, mobile phones, printer cartridges etc. where practicable;
  • use recyclable and renewable materials, in particular recycled paper, in place of virgin products where possible;
  • make our environmental policy publicly available.